Social Impact. Clever people, new thinking, doing good stuff.

The University of Northampton defines social impact as ‘doing good stuff that helps either people and/or the environment’. We believe that by working with our partners we can have a social impact in many ways. The University of Northampton is totally and publicly committed to being socially innovative in order to deliver social impact. For us, social innovation is bringing new thinking to help tackle new problems.

The University of Northampton Innovation Centre is a hub for organisations that deliver social impact, attracting tenants businesses that deliver social benefits, address unmet social needs and tackle difficult social problems in an enterprising way. It might be that an organisation serves the common good through its products and services, through its employment and training policies or in the way it uses its supply chain.

You may already know what social impact your company has or you may need some guidance working out your social impact. Some of the things that the University does that have a social impact include:
• providing training to local unemployed young people and other disadvantaged groups
• purchasing goods and services directly from social enterprises
• improving recycling facilities and strategies
• reducing road miles and supporting local businesses through local purchasing

The social impact of some organisations is more evident than others,so the university’s Institute of Social Innovation and Impact can assist you to define and measure your social impact and, where necessary, can offer consultancy to organisations that would like to learn more about and measure their social impact.